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Mrs. Marjorie, owner, (4th from left) giving a tour of Glenfield Plantation with some of her lovely Natchez Bed and Breakfast guest.

Nicky and Faye B., Mansuna, LA... "Our Stay was Absolutely Wonderful!! Enjoyed everything so much!  Your hospitality was awesome!  Can't wait to tell our friends about Glenfield Plantation." 

Richard and Debbie D., Madisonville, LA... "Had a wonderful visit! Looking forward to returning.  Thank you for your hospitality!" 

From left to right: Mel C., Mrs. Marjorie (Owner), and Lisa C.  These lovely ladies from Clinton, KY, stayed in our Green Room during their three night stay at Glenfield.  Here is what they had to say, "My first time in a Bed and Breakfast, it was great!  Valerie and Mrs. Marjorie were wonderful hostesses!  We will be back to Glenfield Plantation!!"  "Wonderful Time, Cannot Wait to Return!"

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"If you want the true and proper Natchez experience, lie, cheat and steal (or beg!) to get a room at the Glenfield Plantation." Apparently, this B & B's reputation precedes itself all the way to Southern California. So I made the call and, as luck would have it, they had one room available."  Let me sum up my experience there in one word: AMAZING! ... writer with Discovery Channel, tripadvisor review

"We had the best stay at the Glenfield plantation. The host is the most charming woman, who told us stories about her house, her family, Natchez and the region, and made everything possible to make us happy. The house has a real charm and soul and is comfortable, the two dogs certainly don't bark, and the garden and property were superb. When we were there in February it was all frozen and totally enchanting" ... Vero Dupont, NY, tripadvisor review

"A lovely place to stay, so different from a bland hotel chain, you'll either love it or hate it. Personally we loved it, we were made to feel at home and had the most wonderful breakfast each morning." ... CPearman UK, tripadvisor review

“We loved the house and listening to the history of the house and plantations. We had a lovely four poster bed. Marjorie was very sweet and the traditional southern breakfast was delicious.” ... Ian from Australia, Priceline review

 “Marjorie, the owner could not have done enough for us. She absolutely made our stay. She has lived at Glenfield the most beautiful plantation house, all her life and her knowledge of local history and facilities was amazing. We loved our stay and would like to have taken Marjorie home.  Natchez is a great place! Marjorie recommended the Magnolia Grill - food to die for Thank You”. ... Linda from New Zeland, review

"I love the owner! She is precious & gives you a tour of the home at no extra cost & tells you all the fun details of its history. Even down to the bullet hole in the front door from the time of the civil war! :) We will definetly go back!!! :)” .... Karl S.,

“Excellent and entertaining” .... tripadvisor review

"The setting for this Historical family home is breathtaking! The grounds surrounding this home are very tranquil. It is truly an exceptional landmark of history and antiques throughout." .... Kari,

"Mrs. Meng was warm and inviting, just delightful. She enjoyed sharing the history of the family home and of Natchez. She showed us around the home and made us very comfortable in our room, lighting the fireplace to take the chill off. The furnishing were period pieces which made you feel as though you were back in time!!" .... Devon,

"Thank you for making my special day unforgetable. My wedding and reception was just how I invisioned. The setting and food was impeccable! It will forever be a memorable occasion as your graciousness will always be remembered." .... Beth M., Memphis, TN

"Lovely Escape for a short Honeymoon!  Thank you for your wonderful Hospitality!!" ... Jason & Louise B., Baton Rouge, LA

Two lovely ladies who stayed in our Clarissa room for 5 nights said, "Wonderful time", "Everything was Fantastic!! See you next year!"  Rae Ann P, and Sharon H, Loveland, CO

Glenfield Bed and Breakfast guest enjoying coffee, cake and delightful conversation with Mrs. Marjorie, owner.

Keith and Michele Nelson, (seated at table) delighted us by visiting Glenfield again for a 20 year reunion!  This is what they shared in our Guest Book..... "Enjoyed it so much again after 20 years! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  See you again soon!"

Mr. and Mrs. Rhaesa said, "We had such a nice time and loved staying at Glenfield!  Looking forward to returning one day soon!"

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A delightful young family, Wade, Debbie and baby Addison B, Cheneyville, LA, with Mrs. Marjorie, who stayed with us said they "loved it"!  "We are looking forward to returning one day!"

A Pastor's Letter

A heartfelt letter was shared with us from Pastor David Authement and his lovely wife who stayed at Glenfield Plantation Natchez Bed and Breakfast.  This is what he wrote to his congregation:

Oh, If These Walls Could Talk --- The Lesson I Learned At A Bed and Breakfast
For the past three days, Carlene and I have been in Natchez, MS where she attended a School Nurse Conference and Seminar. While we were there, we stayed in a local bed and breakfast called "The Glenfield Plantation."
It is an old plantation home built in two different periods; Spanish and English Gothic 1789-1845. Both sections of the old home are still in their original state. We enjoyed the room and wondered how ma...ny people slept here and what kind of business was conducted in this very place.

But perhaps what we enjoyed the most was Ms. Marjorie Meng, the owner. Using southern vernacular, I would describe her as a "hoot!" She was so friendly and accommodating. She made us feel so welcome as though we were part of her family.
Ms. Margorie took us on a tour of the plantation house that's been in her family for seven generations. We could sense her
reminiscing about her childhood as she showed us the history of the old house.

I was asking her about some plants that were along a slope just outside the house. She wanted me to get a shovel and dig some up to take home with us. She said, "I wish you would, I'd love for you to take some home with you." I've never heard a hotel manager say, "Get you a shovel and dig some of our plants up and take home with you!"
Our experience here reminded me of a time when families went out of their way to accommodate you no matter what the need.
It reminded me of when every family met together on Sundays to eat lunch or just visit.
It reminded me of a time when people were always willing to share what they had; even if they didn't have much.
Today, it's all about me, me, me and what you can do for me.
Today, we're too busy to relax and take time to know our neighbors.
Today, we don't care if anyone visits us, because it would mean we would have to stop what we're doing!
I learned a valuable lesson about past family and community life at The Glenfield Plantation. Thank you Ms. Marjorie Meng.
BELIEVER, how busy is your life today?
Are you satisfied with how much time you and your immediate family spend together?
Are you satisfied with how much time you and your extended family spend together?
Long gone are the days when generations of families lived in the same house. Long gone are the days of regular family get-togethers.
You've heard the saying, "If these walls could talk!"
This old house would have plenty to say.
If the walls could talk in our homes, what do you suppose they would say?
What would the walls have to say about the love shared in that home?
What would the walls have to say about arguing and fights that took place in that home?
What would the walls have to say about what kind of life was experienced in that home?
What would the walls have to say about how much time was given to God's Word and prayer in that home?
Oh, if these walls could talk --- The lessons I learned in a bed and breakfast.

Thanks again for the wonderful show of hospitality!

Glenfield Plantation
6 Glenfield Lane
Natchez, Mississippi, MS 39120, United States
Call: +1 601 4421002


Glenfield Plantation

Nestled on 150 acre British Land Grant sits Historic Glenfield Plantation Bed and Breakfast Natchez, MS. Escape back in time absorbing the preservation of history while visiting our beautiful antebellum home that has remained in the same family for eight generations. Prior to the Civil war, the antebellum home is built in two separate architectural periods capturing both Spanish and English Gothic style.