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Glenfield Plantation Natchez Family History

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Glenfield Plantation

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Glenfield Plantation is a picturesque cottage-villa in the midst of wild landscape resting on the original 150 acre British Grant and Spanish Land Grant.  While the English Gothic design of Glenfield indicates a period of 1845-1857, parts of the house are thought to have been constructed around 1812, due to the fact that all beams are put together with hickory pegs.  An original structure is believed to have been on Glenfield's property as early as the late 1700's, when Henry LaFleur received a British Land Grant in 1778. 

There is an air of substantial comfort in the plan of the house with its double halls and galleries on the front and back, features which realize the idea of simplicity and breadth.  The back porches enclosed with handhewn blinds were once used for a summer dining room, but now host the breakfast and gathering area for entertaining.

Glenfield Plantation is furnished with antiques throughout.  Unusual woodwork on the interior retains its original coat of paint.  In the main room is a charred spinning wheel saved from a house set afire by Indians and brought to Glenfield in a covered wagon.

A bullet hole in the right front door bears witness to a skirmish during the War Between the States, when northern soldiers forced their way into the house.  Medals and buttons of these civil war times found in the yard, bear evidence of this fact.  

The home (formerly known as Glencannon) was purchased from the heirs of William and Jane Shipp Cannon in 1880, by Osborne King Field, a wealthy brick mason and builder.  The home remains in the Field family today for now eight generations. 

Glenfield Plantation Facts

  • Henry LaFleur receives a British Land Grant in 1778 (tracts of this land grant will be used for what is now known as Glenfield);
  • Margarita LaFleur sells to Jacob Monsanto, June 15, 1787
  • Jacob died and left a widow, Clara Monsanto who married William Scott, March 4, 1807
  • Clara (Clarissa) Scott widow of William Scott, sold Glenfield and the land to Charles B. Green, January 31, 1816.
  • Charles B. Green and wife sold to Bank of Mississippi for debt on June 1, 1827
  • Bank of MS sold to Hugh J. Jones May 28, 1830
  • Hugh J. Jones sold to John M. McDonnell and wife, Henrietta.
  • McDonnell added English Gothic front to original dwelling.
  • John McDonnell sold to William S. Cannon and wife Jane Cannon May 10, 1851.
  • The Cannon's now call the home "Glencannon", purchase Marjorca Plantation to extend the land of Glencannon on May 12, 1858.
  • The Cannon's sold Glencannon and Majorca to O.K. Field, Sr. on April 2, 1880.
  • The home name changed to "Glenfield".  The home Glenfield Plantation and 150 acres have been in the Field family for over 130 years.
  • First Pilgrimage 1942
Glenfield Plantation
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Natchez, Mississippi, MS 39120, United States
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Glenfield Plantation

Nestled on 150 acre British Land Grant sits Historic Glenfield Plantation Bed and Breakfast Natchez, MS. Escape back in time absorbing the preservation of history while visiting our beautiful antebellum home that has remained in the same family for eight generations. Prior to the Civil war, the antebellum home is built in two separate architectural periods capturing both Spanish and English Gothic style.