Glenfield Plantation - Natchez, Mississippi, MS 39120, United States

"Old Times They Are Not Forgotten"

Experience How Natchez Plantations Once Lived

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Dr. Levi B. Field as a young boy standing center front poses with his pet deer for a photo at his family's home Glenfield Plantation with his brother and relatives.

Natchez Bed and Breakfast

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Glenfield - originally called Glencannon, is one of the most important houses architecturally in Natchez for its English Gothic style.  Not only does Glenfield reflect a high quality of architecture, its original interior decorative scheme is significant as well.  The house has retained its original appearance except for the remodeled English Gothic Revival porch with crenelated cornice. 

A vertical seam in the front brick wall, which is reflected on the interior in the shift from cypress to pine flooring, reflects the addition built around 1840 from the original existing house of Spanish architecture built around 1787.  Thomas Rose is believe to be the architect that designed the English Gothic manner for the William Cannon family.  It was in April 1880 that Osborne King Field, a wealthy brick mason, purchased the home from the Cannons, and Glenfield has stayed in the Field family for now 8 generations.

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One of Natchez Plantations, Glenfield was one of the few homes that witnessed the only Civil War skirmishes.  We invite you to come experience a step back in time, at Glenfield Plantation. Where history of the Old South and family antique heirlooms are well preserved in their finest form.  

Children of many Natchez generations enjoy receiving during our Natchez Pilgrimages and performing in the Historic Natchez Tableaux below.

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Natchez Bed and Breakfast

Glenfield Plantation
6 Glenfield Lane
Natchez, Mississippi, MS 39120, United States
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Glenfield Plantation

Nestled on 150 acre British Land Grant sits Historic Glenfield Plantation Bed and Breakfast Natchez, MS. Escape back in time absorbing the preservation of history while visiting our beautiful antebellum home that has remained in the same family for eight generations. Prior to the Civil war, the antebellum home is built in two separate architectural periods capturing both Spanish and English Gothic style.