Glenfield Plantation - Natchez, Mississippi, MS 39120, United States
  • GF Spring Pilgrimage 1942

Verna Lee Field and her daughter entertaining tourist during the early years of the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage.  The antique piano with ivory keys is German made in the early 1800's and an original piece when Glenfield was purchased.  

Mrs. Scudamore, a family friend, receives guest with young Marjorie during the early Natchez Spring Pilgrimage by demonstrating how spinning wheels were used then.  This spinning wheel was rescued from a covered wagon set afire by Native American Indians and brought to Glenfield.

  • Spinning wheel
  • First Pilgrimage 1942

Afternoon teas and refreshments were served from the Field family's silver and china collection to tourist visiting Glenfield during the early Natchez Spring Pilgrimage.  This same hospitality is offered by Mrs. Meng during Natchez Fall Pilgrimage Tour of Antebellum Homes and to her visiting Bed and Breakfast guest.

Glenfield Plantation
6 Glenfield Lane
Natchez, Mississippi, MS 39120, United States
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Glenfield Plantation

Nestled on 150 acre British Land Grant sits Historic Glenfield Plantation Bed and Breakfast Natchez, MS. Escape back in time absorbing the preservation of history while visiting our beautiful antebellum home that has remained in the same family for eight generations. Prior to the Civil war, the antebellum home is built in two separate architectural periods capturing both Spanish and English Gothic style.