Natchez Bed and Breakfast Plantation

  • Barn

The Old Red Barn at Glenfield Plantation dates back to about 1845.  Built at the Plantation to house livestock, one side was used for milking cows.  The original barn made of brick was blown down during the great Natchez Tornado in 1840.  Remains of original bricks, which were handmade by slaves, still remain as part of the foundation.  The Barn remained functional for many years, and used now as a shed for equipment.

During Spring Season, Azeleas bloom in beautiful colors of white, pink, and magenta.  Planted throughout the yard at Glenfield, you will enjoy viewing our beautiful southern blooms.

  • Azelieas
  • cammillas

Camillas bloom outside the dining room window at Glenfield in Spring. A beautiful blend of pink and white. Camillas are a beautiful southern flower. Trees of Camillas are scattered around Glenfield.

Savor the smell of the sweet Wisteria Tree throughout the grounds at Glenfield Plantation.  Not only a beautiful tree when it blooms in spring, but one of the most tranquil to see and smell.

  • Wisteria
  • petfriendly

Glenfield Plantation is a Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfast in Natchez, MS.  We welcome all pets with your accommodations.  Call us for special arrangements at 601.442.1002.